Jack Spriggs, President of Investments from Earth, LLC, grew up in Wahpeton, ND and attended North Dakota State School of Science in his hometown where he took his first Geology class and loved it.  After obtaining his AA in Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in chemistry, he changed his major to Geology after one semester at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND, where later he received his BS in Geology.  Jack received his MS in Geology at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS where his thesis/research focused on the depositional environments of the Tonganoxie Sandstone Member of the Stranger Formation in Kansas and Missouri.  Jack has his professional geologist licenses in Texas and Georgia and is a member of several mineral/gold, geology and oil and gas professional organizations. 

Jack moved to Texas and worked in the oil and gas industry as a well-site and consulting geologist in the mid-1980s.  Due to depressed oil prices, he began his environmental consulting career in Dallas, Texas in 1989.  He worked for three separate engineering firms for a total of 28 years and retired from Terracon Consultants, Inc., an employee-owned national engineering firm, as a Senior Vice President, Senior Principal and Division Manager in June 2017 to pursue his passion of collecting and prospecting for minerals and growing his mineral business. 

Jack began collecting and acquiring mineral specimens in the mid-1980s and worked with Rocky Mountain Treasure Expeditions (RMTE) in the late 1980s and early 1990s helping mineral enthusiasts collect specimens in the Rocky Mountains. Jack has collected minerals at numerous locations in Colorado including Mount Antero, Lake George, Ruby Mountain, and Devils Head, among others.

Investments from Earth was established in 1992 to acquire gem and minerals for clients and the mineral collecting community focusing on providing unique and euhedral specimens of extraordinary quality. After retirement in 2017, Jack incorporated his mineral business into Investments from Earth, LLC and began selling minerals at several large gem and mineral shows including Tucson, Denver and Houston. 

Investments from Earth, LLC focuses on providing the mineral collecting community with unique, euhedral and “best of the world” fine gem and mineral specimens from worldwide locations. We provide the discerning collector with specimens of exceptional quality from our large inventory and through our network of relationships with collectors, miners, dealers, clients and other mineral enthusiasts. Investments from Earth, LLC has acquired several mineral collections including a large gold and silver collection in 2016 consisting of crystalline gold from the Round Mountain Mine in Nevada and the Motherlode in California. This collection also included crystalline gold and slabbed ore from several Colorado localities. 

Investments from Earth’s reputation is built on integrity, honesty and technical excellence.  We pledge to provide natural, unrepaired, untreated gem and mineral specimens with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction for 30 days. A lifetime guarantee is included if the mineral specimen was incorrectly identified. Historic labelling, if available, will be included with each gem and mineral specimen. Customer information will not be sold or shared and will be kept strictly confidential.